Introduction: 3 Easy Upstyles

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I've been a little obsessed with upstyles lately probably because I just chopped off my hair into a short bob. I think it's probably one of those you-don't-realize-what-you-had-until-it's-gone kind of things. When I had long hair, I never really did much with it besides the occasional curling and ponytail/top knot. Upstyles are so beautiful and they can be so easy to create! Today I'm going to show you 3 different styles that all start with a pony tail - which should be something everyone can create!

You'll need:

A hair brush and comb

Hair ties & bobby pins

Step 1: Braided Bun

Start with a ponytail and split the tail into two horizontally and braid both sections.

Wind one section clockwise, and the other counter clockwise, around the base of the pony tail and pin them in place.

Using your fingers, pull the braids looser so that they loose the braid pattern a bit.

Using more pins, pin the now loosened braids so that it's nice and secure.

Ande we're done! Pony tail, braids and pins, nothing too complicated yet, right?

Step 2: The Audrey

Start with a pony tail and again splitting the tail into 5-6 sections horizontally, tease each section leaving about 3-5 inches to the ends unteased. This will give the hair some structure for this look. If you need help with how to tease, check out my instruct able on how to tease hair here.

Lift the hair vertically and using your brush, gently smooth the bottom of the pony tail. Focus on smoothing the outer layer of the hair, and not to dig the teeth of the brush too deep into the hair or you'll have to re-tease.

Grasping the tail of the pony tail in one hand, loosely tie a knot and tuck it under the hair at the top of the head, creating a fan of hair. Using pins, secure the fan in place where the knot is.

Using your fingers, fan out the hair a bit more so the the sides of the fan are touching the side of the head, and pin the sides into place.

Very Breakfast at Tiffany's Audrey, right? And easier than you thought!

Step 3: The Seashell

I like to call this The Snail, but I think The Seashell sounds a little more elegant and more like what you'd want to wear on your head.

Again starting with a pony tail, twist the tail 3-4 times in one direction.

Pull the twist up vertically and lay it on the head. Place your thumb at the crown of the head and wrap the rest of the twist down and around the bottom so that the hair tie is covered. Using pins secure the hair in place so that the general shape doesn't move.

Using your fingers, gently pull the twist loose and pin the hair in shape.

And we're done!

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