Introduction: 3- Ingredient Lemon Sorbet in a Lemon!

Nothing says summer more than lemons, bright, sour and delicious. But after a while classic homemade lemonade gets a bit boring. So why not make it into sorbet instead? This healthy lemon sorbet is the answer to your summer dreams, it gets it's bright yellow color from the lemon juice, NO food coloring. Skip the sugar-filled ice-creams and icy poles and have this sorbet instead. What makes it even better is that it ONLY has 3-Ingredients, that's it. It's easy to make, has no sugar, only a few ingredients and it's the most refreshing summer dessert perfect after a day in the pool or out in the sun.

Note: This recipe is single-serve so it makes enough for a large scoop, you can double this recipe as many times as necessary to fit how many people you are making it for. It is written as 1 serving to make it easier to multiply the recipe to make more.


The ingredients you'll need to make 1 servings of this sorbet are:

- The zest (yellow bit) of 1 lemon

- 2 tbs honey

- 1/4 cup cold water

- 1/4 cup lemon juice (about 1 lemon)

To make the little lemon cup I made you will need half a lemon

Step 1: Making the Base

To start off add the water, lemon zest and honey to a small pot. Mix them all together until they are well combined. Then take the pot over to the stove, make sure to mix constantly so nothing burns. You want to keep the mix on the heat until it begins to boil, then let it boil for an additional 2 minutes.

Step 2: Off to the Freezer

Once the mix has boiled pass it through a sieve to get rid of the zest, this will stop the sorbet from becoming bitter once it is frozen. Then add the lemon juice to the mix and stir it all together. Now here's when my little hack comes in handy. Instead of freezing this as a block and having to go through the struggle of cutting it up later, as well as losing half the mix in the process, do this. Pour it into an ice cube tray! I know super simple, but it'll make everything so much easier. Place it into the fridge until solid, this will take a few hours or alternatively overnight.

Step 3: Time to Blend

Once the mixture is completely solid pop it out of the ice cube tray and into a blender. Blend it until smooth and there you have it the world's best sorbet. But let's make it look as good as it tastes.

Step 4: Making the Lemon Cup

To make this adorable lemon cup to put your sorbet in you will need to first of all wash a medium sized lemon, try not to use a small lemon for this as it will not fit a full scoop of sorbet. Once you have washed your lemon cut the two ends off (the pointy bit) to make sure the cup can balance on it's own. When doing this make sure to only cut off enough to make it flat about 1/4 inch. If you cut too much off the sorbet will not stay in the cup.

Step 5: The Lemon Sorbet

Then use a spoon to take out the fruit, make sure to get as much of the lemon out as possible, this will make the final product look a lot better. As you can see in the photos only the white bit is left on the inside. Then scoop the sorbet into the lemon cup using a spoon, ice cream scoop or cookie scoop. I topped mine with a little sprig of mint for a pop of color. Finally, serve and enjoy this refreshing lemony treat!

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