Introduction: Cookies and Cream Frappe

There's nothing better than enjoying a cool drink on a hot summer day, but sometimes it isn't possible to go out and get it. So why not make it yourself at home? This recipe is easy, quick and a sweet refreshing treat with only a few ingredients everyone has at home, no more waiting for ice cream to freeze! After trying several recipes in an attempt to recreate my favorite cookies and cream frappe I found the perfect mixture! It wasn't too thick and icy and not so thin that it felt like I was drinking milk. If you do not want to make this drink with coffee, just leave the first step and coffee mix out! Just as tasty without the caffeine! You can make this frappe with coffee or without it, just leave out the first step! So here it is my FAVORITE summer time treat!


The ingredients you will need to make this frappe are:

Coffee Mix

1 1/2 tbs coffee + 1/4 cup hot water

Frappe Base

1 cup of ice

1/2 cup milk of your choice (this works with any milk)

1 tbs sugar (optional, add sugar to your preference)

3 cookies

Step 1: The Coffee Mixture! (Optional Step)

If you would like to add coffee to your frappe, add the coffee and boiling water into a cup or small jug and mix them until the coffee is dissolved.

Tip: Let this mixture cool in the fridge for about 5 minutes before adding it to the blender to make sure it doesn't melt the ice and water down the frappe!

Step 2: The Base of the Frappe!

To your blender add the ice, milk and sugar if you are adding any, also the coffee mix if you have chosen to add it. Blend until the mixture is nice and frothy as this will give it that thick texture like store bough frappes.

Step 3: Time for the COOKIES!

To make sure there are no annoying chunks that won't pass through the straw add the cookies before blending a second time. Break them up into smaller pieces to make it easier to blend, it will turn a beautiful chocolate color with the little specks of cookie!

Step 4: Make It Pretty!

To make the frappe look as good as it tastes (almost) decorate the glass with some chocolate sauce on the inside. This will not only make it look amazing it is also a nice little bit of extra chocolate at the end of the drink.

Step 5: Final Moments, the Cookie on Top!

Finally pour the drink into the prepared glass and decorate with whipped cream (this is optional)! You can also add chocolate sauce or broken pieces of cookie on the top! You can now enjoy this delicious frappe!

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