Introduction: 3 Knives Magnetic Holder

-DIY magnetic knife holder -

For my small kitchen i needed a solution for holding my 3 most used knives, I wanted them to be on the rail I already have. couldn't find anything that will do the job so I built a DIY magnetic knife holder.


You will need:


- plastic cutting board (5 - 6 mm in thickness), or any other piece of plastic you may have.

- magnets: I used three 4 x 4 x 25 mm for each knife, any magnet with sufficient holding force will work.

(I cant find the same ones I used, those are similar and should work, choose the 25 x 10 x 3 mm:

- 2 M4 screws.


- Clamps

- Hacksaw

- Utility knife

- Drill

- 2.5, 3, 5 mm drill bits, M4 tap

- Calipers

- file, torch, wood plane (not necessary)

Step 2: Cutting Board and Sizing

Cutting 14.5 cm by 3 cm (about 1 3/16 by 5.7 inches)
from the board with a hack saw.

With the help of a caliper marking the holes for the magnets.

With the 2.5 mm drill bit drilling in the inside of the markings.

Connecting the holes with a utility knife.

Filling to the line and checking the fit.

7 mm from the top I make two 5 mm holes equally spaced for the m4 screws.

Drilling 3 mm holes and tapping m4 threads where you want the holder.

Install the rail and the holder, and its done !