Introduction: 3 Lead, 5 Bight Interwoven Turks Head Knots

This interweave is baaed on the 3 Lead, 5 Bight family of TH knots. The base can readily be expanded to

3L, 8B - 3L, 11B, etc

Step 1:

Bring Working End around mandrel and Over Standing End

Step 2:

Around again and Over one strand

Step 3:

Under, Over

Step 4:

Under, Over

Step 5:

Place top bight over lower bight

Step 6:

and bring WE Under, Over. This completes the base knot, To expand the knot repeat steps 4 - 6. Each expansion adds 3 bights to the knot.

Step 7:

Bring second strand adjacent to the Standing End of the base knot

Step 8:

Skip over a bight and bring WE Under 2 strands If you are working on an expanded base repeat this step.

Step 9:

Bring Working End Over 2, Under 2, Over 2

Step 10:

Bring WE Over 2, Under 2, Over 2

Step 11:

Bring WE Under 1

Step 12:

and Over 2, Under 3, Over 2

Step 13:

Bring WE Under 1

Step 14:

and Over 2, Under 3. This completes the knot. The WE is ready to follow parallel to double the knot

Step 15:

Completed knot - knot turned inside out - knot flattened to make coaster or mat