Introduction: 3 Super SECRET COMPARTMENTS to Hide Your Things Safely.

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When I saw that, there is an secret compartment contest, I was very much excited, because I like hiding my things in different places. By the way, I like the game "Hide and Seek". So, now I am going to share some new ways, new places to hide your things safely.
Let's begin!!!


For first compartment:
1 An empty jam box
2 Your precious things (to hide)

For second compartment:
1 A switch board.
2 A screwdriver.

For third compartment:
1 A pillow with cover.
2 Your precious thing to hide.

Step 1: Secret Compartment: a Jam Box

The thief always think that, people keep their precious things in hard places, like in a locker or any other places, but he never thinks that, a person can keep his precious things in easy places like keeping in an empty jam box. How unique it sounds?
So firstly, make ready sure you finish all the jam from the jam box and then, clean it properly with water and now keep your things inside it and keep the box anywhere you want, no one can even think that, a jam box contains precious thing.

Step 2: Secret Compartment in a Switch Board.

Take a screwdriver and take out the upper screws from the switch board, it's too easy. After this you will hide your money by pacing them inside the board and then again put the screws to the switch board. Now your money is very much safe, nobody can think, your money is here.

Step 3: Secret Compartment in Pillow.

Take a pillow and put a pillow cover on the pillow. Now put your things inside the pillow cover, put deep inside, no-one can think your thing is here.
I hope you all liked these ideas.
Thank you.

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