Introduction: 3 Ways to Add Curb Appeal to a Garage Door

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Sometimes the DIY projects you put off the longest can end up having the greatest impact and leaves you wondering why you put it off so long! The outside of Steph’s garage was one of those ‘back burner’ projects that never seemed to make it to the top of the list. But with the amazing weather we are having this February, now was the perfect time to tackle three small projects to update the curb appeal of her house.

Step 1: Watch the Video

The mini makeover was brought about by Steph wanting some decorative hardware like she had seen and admired on some of her neighbors' garages. We recently became aware that the company that made the peel and stick tile we used in her kitchen also makes magnetic hardware for garages! We were sold on the idea of not having to drill into the garage door to install hardware! We contacted the company and they sent two different sets for us to try out. You can find the hardware at

Step 2: Remove Dated Elements

First Steph removed the plastic inserts covering the garage windows. These had become faded and brittle. She thought the inserts gave the garage door a dated look so she wanted them out. Since she was not going to reused them, it was okay that they broke as she pulled them out. With them out, it really revealed how dirty the windows were. Bonus: having them out and the windows clean, brings in a lot more light into the garage!

Step 3: Clean

Improved curb appeal starts with the smallest of details—cleaning! The garage door was in need of a good scrubbing. The garage was wetted down first to loosen and removed some of the dirt then scrubbed with a long-handled brush using Scott’s outdoor cleaner mixed with water. We rinsed the door down after every two sections so that the soap would not dry on the door as we are having unseasonable hot weather here right now. The wood framing was also scrubbed down.

Step 4: Add Decorative Hardware

The application of the new garage hardware was as simple as putting a magnet on the refrigerator! We used the neighbor’s house across the street as an example of where the hardware should be placed. We finessed the handles in the middle just a bit to determine whether they should be closer or further apart (closer!).

Step 5: A or B?

You know, we tried out both sets of the new hardware, and even though we thought we knew which one we would like, we are undecided. Help us decide by leaving a comment below. A or B?! Do you like the window inserts removed or did you like it better before?

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