Introduction: 3 in 1 Mint Tin Game

This is how to make a 3 in 1 Mint Tin Game.. The games are tic tac toe, minty golf, and pool. 

Step 1: Materials.

- ivy green outdoor carpet sample
-midnight blue carpet sample
-copper wire (the thickness of a tooth pick)
-mint tin
-wire cutter
-laminator (optional) 
-modeling clay
-electrical tape
-hole puncher 

Step 2: Cut the Carpet.

Trace the mint tin on the ivy green carpet and cut it out. Then punch a hole for the golf hole .

Step 3: Cutting Corners.

Take the midnight blue carpet and trace the tin. Cut it out and then cut the corners. 

Step 4: Copper Wire.

Take the copper wire and straighten it. Then cut two two inch pieces. Wrap one end  of each of  the wires in electrical tape.

Step 5: Bending

Bend the one that is wrapped in not as much tape at a 90 degree angle. Just enough to look like a golf club. 

Step 6: Modeling Clay.

Take the modeling clay and make 9 flat disks (the size of a dime). Then make 8 small balls (very tiny).

Step 7: Oven.

Put in an oven at 250 degrees for 30 minutes.

Step 8: Magnets.

Add magnets to the back of the disks. Then, on the front, write the x's and o's (the x+o is for the person who goes first).

Step 9: Tick Tack Toe Board.

On a piece paper, once again, trace the mint tin. Then, cut it out and make a tic tac toe board on it. Laminate to protect the board (optional).

Step 10: Play!

You can put the golf course  on top of the pool table and the pool table on top of the golf course to interchange the games.

Step 11: To Store.

To store, put the pool table on the bottom and put all of the balls in the corners. Set golf course on top and place the rest of the pieces on top of the golf course. Now it should all fit in the mint tin for on-the-go pocket-sized fun!

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