Introduction: 30-Second Storage Box –Tissue Box Hack

You know when you need a handy box in a hurry to put a few things in?

If you have an almost-empty (or empty *) box of tissues, you can easily whip up a useful storage box in a jiffy.

I find these boxes very handy for sorting out photos, sewing or craft items, stationery supplies, papers (e.g. dockets for tax), small gifts, Easter eggs, Christmas decorations, odds and ends etc.

(*of course, if it’s empty, it’s not a box of tissues any more…)

Step 1: What You Need

Empty tissue box



Step 2: Cut the Box

Cut diagonally from the ‘corners’ of the hole to the corners of the box.

Step 3: Neaten the Flaps

Open out the flaps you have made. Rip off any plastic (oops, carefully...), and use the scissors to trim any sharp or odd corners off the flaps.

Step 4: Staple Down the Flaps

Push the flaps into the box and staple down in several places.

You need to use firm pressure on the stapler to get the staples to go right through without getting mangled and leaving sharp bits inside the box. (If you have a table with overhanging corners, you can slip the edge of the box over the table corner so you have a firm surface to staple onto).

Step 5: The Finished Box

The finished box should be fairly sturdy but of course it’s not meant for really heavy items.

You can always add a label and of course you could cover the outside (and inside) with contact plastic or collage decorations if you wanted, but the box won't last with a lot of use; it's more of a short-term use item.