Introduction: 30 Second Pen Gun

This tutorial will show you how to make a pen gun that shoots a moderate distance!

Step 1: The Pen.

For this pen gun you need a Pilot G-2 07 pen as shown.

Step 2: Dissasemble the Pen.

Take all of the pieces of the pen apart.

Step 3: Tip

If you cant get the spring out try using a toothpick.

Step 4: Uneeded Parts.

You do notneed the end of the pen or the ink.

Step 5: Leave These Components.

Step 6: The Mechanical Bit.

Put the clicker at the end of the pen. (push the clicker right to the end of the pen)

Step 7: The Mechanical Bit Pt.2.

Add the spring to the end of the pen. (push right to the end)

Step 8: The Mechanical Bit Pt.3.

Add the lock component in the pen. (thin bit up) (push right to the end of the pen)

Step 9: Cock the Pen.

Use your ink to cock the pen. (push spring down)

Step 10: And You're Done!

Now just click the pen and watch it shoot.

Thankyou for veiwing my instructable, Bye!