Introduction: 3D Jack O' Latern on the Veranda (a Halloween Tutorial Based on 3ds Max)

this is my instructable for the Jack o' Lantern challenge.
I used the 3ds max software (german version) and uploaded more photos, which show step by step  how it's made.

Step 1:

First you create a sphere with an average amount of segments.

Step 2:

Draw a smooth line onto the X-Y- plane to create the stem.

Step 3:

Draw a few lines on your perception of the grimace.

Step 4:

In the next Steps I want to show you how to create the surroundings.

Step 5:

At least I want to complete my scene with some leaves.

Step 6:

In the last step you can copy the leaves into the scene and translate, rotate and scale it.

Step 7:

Now you can add a few materials to each object. (Most of the materials are based on bitmap-images.)
Here you can see the rendered scene with materials but also without light.

Step 8:

To create some atmosphere in this picture you have to add some lights.
Now you can see the final rendering. It is rendered with Mental Ray in about 4hours.

Step 9:

For the post-production I used Photoshop. I added some effects for example the fog.

Step 10:

This was my entry for this challenge. Thanks for reading my tutorial, I hope you enjoyed it. I would be happy if you vote for me.

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