Introduction: 3D & Laser Cut CV-16 Chinese Aircraft Carrier Liaoning

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I use a laser cutting machine and a 3Dprinter to made one aircraft carrier. The main product is a board, it seems we can used it as an Ouija board too.

The Ouija board located on the flight deck level of the “island,” the "island" is the command center for flight-deck operations, structure above the starboard carrier deck amidships.There is a flight deck control center in “island”, in this space, the handler keep track of all the aircraft on the flight deck and in the hangar. The Ouija Board is handler's primary tracking tool, is the centerpiece of Flight Deck Control.

The Ouija board provides a real-time snapshot on board, airplanes on the board are positioned exactly where they are on the actual deck, it's on a scale of 1/16 inch to one foot, a two-level table (flight deck on top and the hangar bay underneath) with etched outlines of the decks. Scattered over both surfaces are small toy-like plastic model representing aircraft, made to the same scale.

Although there are computerized versions of the Ouija board, old-school Ouija board is still a good choice, damage to carrier may take out the electronics, to ensure the ship remains functional, everything has a mechanical backup.

Step 1: Design Aircraft Carrier Deck

I use CorelDRAW design aircraft carrier deck, cutting 3MM plate with laser cutting machine.

Step 2: Details on Aircraft Carrier Deck

There is a tip, when we try to sculpt lines on aircraft carrier’s board, we found lines are not clear enough when using laser sculpt mode. So we choose laser cut mode for this layer, improve the speed and decrease the power in setting. In this picture you can see the difference between sculpt and cut mode, here we set the speed to 400 and power to 15% in laser cutting mode.

Step 3: ​The Island and the Hull

The island and the hull are printed with a 3D printer.

Step 4: ​Combined Together

Combined together, so that the island through the deck, it's done!

Scale: 1: 2000

here we provided the aircraft carrier deck laser cut source code, 3d printer source code