Introduction: 3D Pacman Ghosts

Hello, I'm Jack and this is my first indestructible! (TA-DA!) As the title suggests, I have created Pacman ghosts but, unlike most of the  ghosts, mine are the 3D, hand-sized creations, not 2D mosaics stuck on a base plate. Anyway, lets get on with this indestructible! (I do tend to waffle on a bit, so type abuse at me if needs be!) 

Note: I did not mention the colours of the parts, except for the eyes. Please feel free to use any colours you like.(The colours of the ghosts in game are blue, red, pink and orange.)  


Step 1: Middle Part

To start, take 2 2x4s, then put on any bricks with 90' studs on top, facing out on all four sides.
(these 90' studs are to attach the sides of the ghost and hold the whole thing together.)  
Then add 6 more 2x4 to make the base 3 blocks taller. 

Step 2: Top

This next step is the top part of your ghost.
Take a 4x4 plate and add a 2x4 plate in the middle with a gap of one stud on each side.
Then place a 2x2 in the middle of the 2x4 plate. The last part is to add a 1x2 inline with the 2x2.
Now put this on top of the middle part.
(if this makes on sense, use the pictures above.)  

Step 3: The Sides

Time for the sides! You need to make 3 of these, (making the front is different so it goes last.)
First take a 4x6 plate then add a 2x6 in the middle. Now place a 2x4 plate on the middle leaving 4 studs of the 2x6 clear.
Next add a 1x2 on the 2x6 next to the 2x4, leaving a 2 studs clear at the top.
Next the legs. Add a 1x6 plate to the spaces on each side with 1 stud gap at the top.
Now repeat until you have 3!

Step 4: The Front

The final part before putting it all together!
Start with a 4x6, then add a 2x6 in the middle of the 4x6.
Put a 2x3 on the bottom of the 2x6. Now take two 1x6s and place along side the 2x6, but leaving a 1 stud gap at the top of the 4x6.
Now take two 1x2 spacer plates an place these at the top of the 1x6.
Next to make the eyes take a white 2x2 plate and add a black stud to a corner.
Finally put each eye on to the spacer.         

Step 5: Final Assembly

Almost done!
Take the sides and the middle and place the sides on the middle part with the 1x6s hanging over the edge.
Then take the front and place on the last, open edge of the middle part.
And you are done! yeah!

Please comment on my instructions and let me know if they are rubbish! : )

Cheers Jack

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