Introduction: 3D Pen Pigeon

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I have a 3D pen that has been sitting around for a wile, so I decided to make a 3D pigeon. I took pictures on each step in hope to make a instructable from it.

Step 1: Matereals:

You will need:

- A 3D pen

- A plastic sheet to print on

- Blue, Orange, and white filament

- A power source for the pen

Step 2: Start the Frame:

To do the frame I free handed it, but anyone can get a side-view pic of a pigeon online. When you start, make a 2D pigeon body or trace a pic.

Step 3: Finnish the Frame:

For this step you will need to read it before you do it. Draw a straight line across the body. Now drop the pen and pinch the line into a rounded position. If you do it to slow you will have to start over. Do this many times over the whole body. This is what you build off of, so make it strong.

Step 4: Fill in the Gaps:

This will need you to make a bridge from one arch to another. Turn the pen to the lowest setting for best result. Start the pen and use the arches to support the lines (Try to make very few or no wholes in the body).

Step 5: The Opposite Side:

Now put the half-pigeon on the other side of the plastic sheet (It is best to put the side with the hole in it touching the sheet). Go back to step 2 and do the opposite side of the pigeon by tracing the other half.

Step 6: Put the Sides Together:

When you put the sides together you will need to pinch the halves to each other and make a line where the two meet.

Step 7: The Nose:

All you need to do is make a cone out of orange and do almost the exact same thing as step 6. When you have the cone, put it where you want it on the head and make a line where the two connect to each other.

Step 8: The Feet:

For the legs make two L shapes. Now put a blob on the body and stick a leg into it. On the other side make another blob and stick the last leg into that.

Step 9: Add Eyes:

Now put two blobs of white onto the head where the eyes go. After you do that you will have a complete pigeon made from a 3D pen.

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