Introduction: Toilet Paper Roll Skyscraper

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I have a stockpile of tp tubes and I have a mini city. I thought for a few days and I came up with this design.


Tp rolls
Cardboard sheets
Glue or tape
Pen or pencil

Step 1: Cut

Cut the cardboard sheets into 2in x 2in pieces and 2in x 5in pieces. Then cut the tubes at 1in as shown in the pic above.

Step 2: Design

Place the pieces where you plan for them to go. Do not glue them together yet.

Step 3: Doors

Flatten the skyscraper into each floor. Then cut out the doors in each piece.

Step 4: Glue / Tape

Clamp two pieces together and glue them. Glue the the parts to the floor and leave the roof open.

Step 5: Assemble

Glue it to your city and then put the floors on top.