Introduction: 3D Printed Cup Holder

This 3rd printed cup holder will connected to the adaptable arm. The stl file is attached. You can change dimensions to fit cup size and arm model.

Step 1: Cup Base

Open tinkercad and drag out a cylinder from the tool bar on the right. The base should be about 4 mm larger than the water bottle you are measuring it to fit. This is the bottom so it should be no more than 2-4 mm thick. It is just for extra stability on the bottom.

Step 2: Sides of Cup

Drag another cylinder out to the grid and place it on top of the base. The height of this should be a little less than half of the water bottle.

Drag a square onto the grid and make it a "hole." Attach that to the cylinder, making it the same height at the cylinder and about 20 mm wide. This helps add some flexibility to the cylinder to fit different types of water bottle.

Then insert another cylinder onto the grid and make it a "hole." Insert that into the cylinder above to create an insert for the water bottle to be placed in.

*Note that the hole should be a little bit bigger in diameter than your water bottle, so the bottle can fit into the whole. For more versatility make the hole a little larger in general.

Step 3: Connector to the 3D Arm

Now Drag another square to the grid to act as a base for the attachment site of the connector to the 3D arm. The square should be half way up the cylinder and should be about 1.5 inches wide and an inch tall. The connector piece should then be attached to this square to be connected to the 3D arm.

& send to 3D printer to be printed.