Introduction: 3D Printed Stylus Holder

This is 3d printed stylus holder that can attach onto the adaptable 3d printed arm as mentioned in a previous instructable. To create this, will be used. The STL file that we created for this stylus is attached here.

Step 1: Base of Holder

Open Tinkercad to an internet browser.

Look at the shapes provided on the right hand side. Drag out a cylinder and rotate it 90 degrees so the long side is laying on the grid. Make the length, width, and diameter in accordance to the size stylus you will be using. Make sure it is the around the same length of the stylus.

Step 2: Attachment for Stylus

Now drag over the roof shape from the tool bar. Rotate till the top (pointy) end is meeting one end of the cylinder. Size accordingly.

Step 3: Indent for Roof

Now drag over another cylinder. Click the option to make it a "hole". Size this hole to the size of the stylus being used. Place the hole inside the roof.

Now Group all three objects together.

Step 4: Connector

Lastly, attach set connector to the opposite end from the roof to attach the connector for the 3D arm.

Now send to 3D printer to be printed.