Introduction: 3d Printed Phone Case Holder

This is a 3D printed phone case that was made with Tinkercad. This phone case holder can be placed on a 3d printed arm adaption for an amputee. The adaption can be taken on an off the 3D printed arm. This phone case holder fits the phone X.

The stl is attached to reference when making your phone holder. Adjust to phone you are design for.

Step 1: 1st

You want to open tikercad, go to shapes and select a rectangle for your base in which the connector will attach to.

Step 2: 2nd Rectangle Connection

This second rectangle will connect to the first rectangle perpendicular to it. Measure your phones width, and this is the space you phone will fit into.

Step 3: Back of Phone Case Holder

Next you will create the back of your phone case holder. Measure the length and width of you phone. Your phone will be leaning against this so make sure it is the correct size.

Step 4: Make Sliders That Hold in Phone

In this step you will place 2 small flat rectangles on the ends of the second rectangle you made. These sliders will help the phone from moving forward. Then you will make two more longer and flat rectangles that will be connected to the back of the phone case that you made in step 3. These sliders will keep the phone from moving in the left or right direction.

Step 5: Done!

3D Print your new phone case connection!