Introduction: 3D Printed Halloween Christmas Lights Add-Ons.

Hi, My name is Cesareo Campos, and this is my Instructables project on the Halloween Contest involving 3D Print with software such as Tinkercad, and Cura. This has been a very fun project to do since I haven't been able to mess with the 3D Printing and now I know how it works from being a beginner to an amateur in 3-4 Weeks since we were assigned to do so. It implies 2-3 Hours to print a big enough 3D object for the size that I needed, unfortunately, most of the times I did it either where too small or didn't go right and has some flaws, but either way, the files are in the bottom and the video with all the prototypes are ahead.


What do you need?

- Yourself

- 3D Printer (either yours or anyone's)

- Laptop / PC

- Micro sd chip (optional but I had to use it)

- 3D Files (either mine, someone else, or yours.)

Step 1: Step 1: Getting and Preparing the Files

First off, you need to get the files that have been added at the end for your own use if you would like, please if you use it to give a like and vote :). You need to get the files, either make them or get them some programs I tried to use include fusion 360 but was too hard, I ended up using tinkercad which is a free program for 3D projects. Here are the files/images I used for the printing I used mostly the orange/green pumpkin-like 3D figure.

Step 2: Step 2: Printing

Printing is not the easiest job especially when you don't have much time to do so since the size always affects the time and in school with more than 1000 more people, you have to make sure to book the print or be lucky and have no one printing something. Here is a video showing my prototypes and timelapses of the printing process which was very long and as long as I could I needed to print, thinking they would fit and then had to make it bigger. It was a very though process likely why I couldn't finish on time.

Step 3: Step 3: Adding the Wire, Something I Didn't Do :(

So my final step and the step where the files are added and the one I couldn't do. To start after doing the printing you have too add wires, in the pumpkin files there are some holes but they didn't print on the last time I tried it. So this project was very rushed and I could have done it better but here it is! :) Thank you for reading all the way down here and make sure to vote and like and favorite and follow me for future Instructables on my twitter @chaloc_.