Introduction: 3D Printed Modular Bookend Planter Using Tinkercad.

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This is a completely 3d printed modular bookend with snap on pods to plant herbs or other small plants. This Project was completely designed with Tinkercad and Also printed on a FlashForge Creator Pro 3D printer. The modular design lets you decide how many plants you would like to grow. With the modular design you can use anywhere from 0 to 5 pods which include 3 smaller pods and and 2 larger pods.


  • 3D printer.
  • 3D printer filament.
  • Computer.
  • Super Glue.
  • Access to a C.A.D. software (Like Tinkercad or Fusion 360).
  • Dirt.
  • Small Plants.
  • Pebbles (optional).

Step 1: Tinkercad Bookend Design

The Bookend is where the whole design starts. I chose a sturdier design which is quite thick and has a brace. Start with a cube for the base and change it do the desired dimensions, I used 50mm wide by 5mm tall and 200mm long. Next the vertical piece which is a 5mm thick cylinder with a 100mm radius attached to a 200mm x 200mm x 5mm rectangle, after the base and the vertical piece are grouped together as shown use a 50mm by 50mm by 5 mm wedge on the side of your bookend that will face inward.

Step 2: Modular Mounting Design

To make the Bookend capable of mounting planters on it you will need a mounting system. I used small holes in the Bookend that the modular pods will stick into as shown. I also used halve spheres to make the pods that the plants will be grown in.

Step 3: Print and Assembly

I would recommend that you print with whatever printer settings that seem to work the best for you (For me, I use PLA with a nozzle temperature of 200 degrees c and a bed temperature of 50 degrees c), but all printers are different so these numbers may vary. To assemble, first remove all supports or excess plastic, second super glue the modular planters into the correct holes, Wait for them to dry. Fill the Planters with dirt or whatever medium you wish to grow your plants in, and lastly plant which ever plants you wish to in the pods and place the Bookend on a Bookshelf. And you are Finished!

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