Introduction: How to Make Pizza Doorstop With Tinkercad

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For all of the pizza lovers of the Instructables community just like me, this is the perfect doorstop to fit your needs. This a doorstop that is designed to resemble a slice of pizza and made to fit all normal doors.


  • Access to Tinkercad
  • 3D printer (only if you are making it)

Step 1: Taking Measurements

To make sure that our doorstop will fit our door we will need to measure the space between the ground and the bottom of our door. I found this to be about 30mm on many different doors. We will also want to know how large we will want our doorstop, personally, I desired a doorstop that is not too bulky but still large enough to be noticeable. I found this size to be about 170 mm.

Step 2: Designing the Pizza in Tinkercad

Now that we know what size we want our pizza slice to be we will need to build it. You will need to start with the roof shape. Next, we need to rotate it 90 degrees so that the plane parrel to the workplane is triangular like shown. Now we will need to reduce the height to 4 millimeters. Next, Expand the triangular prism so that the width is about 70 millimeters and the length is about 170 millimeters.

Step 3: Giving Our Pizza Slice Texture

Pizza is not perfectly flat so we can use the terrain shape to make our pizza out of. First, we will need to change what we already have made into a hole, then we can use the Box shape to make a hole in with the slice that we already made. Now set the dimensions of the box to 4 millimeters tall by 180 millimeters long by 80 millimeters wide and use the align tool to center the box and the triangular prism on the x and z axes. Now group the box and the Prism and set the groping to a hole. Next, we will need to retrieve the terrain shape by going into shape generators then selecting all then it is at the bottom of the last page. Now set the size to 80 x 180 millimeters like the box and use the align tool to align the terrain and the pox on all axes. Now group the two remaining shapes.

Step 4: Making the Crust

To make the Crust we will use a cylinder with bezzled ends. Take a cylinder and set its height to 70 millimeters and its diameter to 8 millimeters. Now set the bezel to 2 and the segments to 5 as shown. Now rotate the cylinder 90 degrees and use the align tool to align the cylinder so it looks like the crust of the pizza. Group the two pieces.

Step 5: Adding Toppings

To make our pizza look more realistic we need to add toppings. I added pepperoni to mine which can be done with the cylinder shape.

Step 6: Building the Base

Now we need to build the base of our doorstop. For this, we will use another roof shape of the same size except we need to make it 60 mm tall and place the pizza slice on top as shown. Now rotate it so that the front is touching the workplace and place a box hole with a top at the workplane large enough to delete all of the solid matter below the workplane.

Step 7: Printing Link

If you would wish to print what I made here is the link:

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