Introduction: 3D Printed Pencil Holder

This is an instructable to making an 3d printed pencil / pen and /or other utensil holder.


3d printer min. 6" * 6"

filament (I am using black 1.7 PLA filament)


Stl file for organizer (files included

Step 1: Slicing Stl

My 3d printer used gcode. so I will be using cura to slice the Stl. file for the organizer.

I did not any supports, and used a 23% infill.

I recommend using a grid, 35% infill.

export to Gcode. or other files that your printer may run on.

Step 2: Start Printng

Tip: use glue on the bed to improve sticking.

I run it on 218 degrees at the extruder, and approximately 60 degrees on the print bed.


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