Introduction: Custom Key-bindable Pedals With Makey Makey

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This is an instructable, to making pedal / pedals to control your game or web-surfing through makey makey and key-binding. If you are playing Forza 4 and want a more realistic experience, you can key-bind acceleration to the pedals or when you are playing your favorite fps game and you can't hit those hard to reach keys, you can just key-bind them to the makey makey pedals and you will ways be able to crouch, peak, or build, in time.

control video: pause, skip, etc.

lean, accelerate, re-load etc. in video games (through key binding in video game settings)

and more

Each appropriate step should be repeated, according to the number of pedals, you may be making.


Makey Makey + computer

(2) alligator clips per pedal

large piece of cardboard (Size depends on number and size of pedals.)

16 gauge wire (min. 4 cm long)

(2) wire for attaching directly to swit

(1) switch per pedal

(1) piece of foam per pedal [ approx. 1 in. in width]



wire strippers


Step 1: Draw and Cut Pedals

1) draw pedals, to the shape of your foot

2) cut out the pedals.

[from a separate piece of cardboard.]

Step 2: Step 2: Striping Wire

1) add wires to directly to the switch

2) cut and strip 16 gauge wire (2 pieces) approximately 2 cm long each

3)attach pair of wires directly to the switch as shown in the picture above.

4) put the cut and stripped wire into the sockets of the wires (attached directly to the switch)

Step 3: Attaching Switch and Pedals

1) mark switch, and pedal locations, according to wear it would be most comfortable.

2) attach pedals with tape.

3) attach switch with tape, or hot glue or other.

Step 4: Cutting Foam

This step is not necessary, but recommended if you don't want to brake the pedals, or be able to adjust sensitivity / pressure.

1) cut a piece of foam approximately as wide as the pedal and 2 cm thick. (length does not matter too much... just don't make it excessively long or excessively short.)

2) find a place within the pedals motion range, which provides the appropriate sensitivity to your liking (untill the switch clicks.)

Moving the foam towards the connection between the pedal and the main board will decrease sensitivity, while moving it further away will increase sensitivity.

3) Taping or attaching the foam onto the main board is recommended.

Step 5: Wiring

Attach wires from the button / switch to the Makey Makey according to the letters / numbers that you want to bind. through either alligator clips or the wires, directly into the makey makey.

Have one of the wires go to "Earth" which one, does not matter.

I taped the Makey Makey onto the board to organize this is not nececary

Step 6: Enjoy

plug this into your computer.

keybind your video game settings to the letters / numbers to the letters / numbers that the switches are attached to (on the Makey Makey).

Repeat steps according to how many pedals you want to make.

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