Introduction: 3D Printed Puzzle (made Using Tinkercad)

This is my 3D Printed puzzle and it is quite hard to solve. Its a level (8 out of 10) on the puzzle hardness scale.

Step 1: Printing the Parts

I printed the parts on my CR-10 3D Printer and It took about 4 hours at 0.1mm layer height. I printed them hollow to save time and filament. The file is down below.

Step 2: Finishing the Parts

For the parts you may have to sand them some to get them to fit nicely. Then you can spray paint the parts if you want but I did not. P.S. if you spray paint the parts you will have to sand even more because the paint will add thickness.

Step 3: Solve It

Congrats on your finished puzzle and have fun solving it.(I also made a solve guide)

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