Introduction: 3D Printed Tablet Hider and Holder

This is a fixture that will hide your tablet underneath your cabinet. When you want to use your tablet the holder will fold out to provide easy access to the tablet. The holder bed will fit any tablet under 11" wide x 7.5" tall x.43" thick. This would be perfect for any kitchen that dosent have lots of space to spare or if you want to hide your tablet. Everything is designed to be printed without using supports and I was able to keep the width to only one inch so that it will disappear behind the bottom lip of your cabinet when folded up. The largest part to be printed will fit on a bed that is at least 6.3" (160mm) X 8.27" (210mm). Some of the parts do require gluing together and I have included the locatios in the instructions. I included a couple assembly pictures and tried to include everything that you would need to make it. The part names also say how many of those parts are to be printed. The only hardware that you will need will be four screws to attach it to the bottom of your cabinet.

Step 1: Assembly Instructions Part 1

Assemble all the parts as shown in the picture. The parts that need to be glued are the front pin that goes into the outer wall, The two caps that go into the swing bar, and the back pin that goes into the wall. Once you are done with the left side then do the same thing for the right side.

Step 2: Assembly Instructions Part 2

Assemble all the parts as shown this will get you a complete left side assembly. The parts that need to be glued are the top bracket to the side wall assembly, the brace pin to the pad, and the pad spine to the pad. after you have them connected then assemble the same thing for the right side. after that you can assemble the two parts together to get your completed tablet holder.

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