Introduction: 3D Printed Vase

This is a nice 3D printed vase to illustrate the Linear Extrude function of OpenSCAD and make a nice vase.

Step 1: Simple Printing on Your 3D Printer

This is a 3D printed vase I designed for a workshop. It was designed in OpenSCAD, so you can modify it if you want.

Printer settings are simple: I printed it in PLA with a .3mm nozzle with .3mm layers. There is no reason, especially if you want to print it larger, that you couldn't print with a larger nozzle and layer size. While there is some bridging inside at the narrow part of the bowl, I have had no problems just printing normally, no supports.

There is a lot of fine detail, which doesn't show in the photos and comes out better the larger you scale it.

The OpenSCAD file and the STL file are both included. The source file also shows how some of the lesser-used functions of OpenSCAD can render complex shapes very easily.

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