Introduction: 3D Printed Water Motor

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This is a water motor, connect a water pipe to the motor and then it works. It's very simple. I made this, because I wanted to make a mecanical project with fusion 360.

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Step 1: How I Made It?

I am a beginner with Fusion 360, I wanted to make a difficult project to train myself at Fusion 360. It tooks me 3 days to draw this object.

Step 2: How It Works?

It 's a simple concept, there is a gear inside the motor, when the water flows the gear turns and a gear system lowers motor speed and increases torque.

Step 3: How to Make It?

If you want to make it, you can download the stl files, and you can print it.

Use Nut with seal, it's important. All the bolts have a diameter of 4 mm.

I print this with the K8200 printer, and I use Cura to generate the G-code.
My Print settings:

  1. Bottom/Top thickness 0.6mm
  2. Fill Density 20%
  3. Platform adhesion type: none
  4. Support type: Don't use support!
  5. Use PLA or ABS.

If you want to modify this design you can download the Fusion files with this link:

hope you enjoyed reading this instructable. :)

I am 16 years old and I speak french, excuse me if I made errors of English in this instructable.

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