Introduction: 3D Printed Wire Stripper

For each and every hobbyist out there. Here is a tool for you.

This tool will make your life much easier as a hobbyist.

Removing isolation from wires of different sizes made easy and keeping your tool sharp with ease.

I always use to strip wires with a normal carpet knife. I found with a normal wire stripper it just stretches the isolation and the wire is not clean from where one wanted it.

Using the carpet knife after quite a few wires one's thumbs would start to pain from the pressure of the thin wires. So with this idea I still used the carpet knife blade. It is very sharp and cheap to replace.

Step 1: Design

I designed the wire stripper in such a manner to fit comfortably in one's hand.

I started off with copying the carpet knife blade that I had, which is a standard Stanley blade. I think it is quite common around the world.

I then did a bit of research on different sizes of wires that are available and designed it to cut only up to the wire and not any deeper.

I then added body to the design to fit the blade tightly and to ensure that the wire stripper is comfortable in one's hand.

Step 2: Files

The tool was designed in SolidWorks.

Download and Edit if needed.

.STL file included.

Step 3: Assembly After Print

As one could see the blade simply just slides into the front of the tool. It then safely hides and covers any sharp edges that could potentially cause harm.

One could also use the tool for cutting by simply turning the blade up side down.

Step 4: Final Product

Thank you for reading.

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