Introduction: Phone Charging and Sound Stand

This is a charging and mini sound station designed to be next to your bed. Creating a more organised bedside table.

Step 1: Problem

I have always had a bedside table looking absolutely horrible. At any given time I have a tablet, television remotes, watches, glasses, spectacles etc. on it. When my alarm goes for gold in the morning it is a given that something will fall off and end up on the ground. So I made the stand to increase my morning alarm's volume and to know where it is and to ensure nothing is on top of my phone.

Step 2: Design

I have designed this stand keeping in mind that I need to wake up (loud alarm) and to keep things off of my phone to prevent any damages to any of my other things on the bedside table. Best of all it charges while you listen music that it provides a decent quality sound.

I have tested the dB difference on the stand and off of the stand.

On stand: AVG: 73dB & Max: 85dB

Off stand:AVG: 69dB & Max: 80dB

It does not look like much but you could hear it makes quite the difference.

With small changes to the Solidworks part it would be suitable for any phone and would provide you with a good alarm and a safe bedside table.

If you have a LG G3 you could add the STL. file in your slicing software and start the pint. Add some support and I only filled it 15% wall thickness 0.8mm. It works well.

Step 3: Final

Download and enjoy your print.!!!!!

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