Introduction: 3D Printer DIY Whole Process

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This article will tell you how to DIY 3D printer,you can't miss it, so please read it carefully

Step 1: Prepare Materials

1. Acrylic parts * 1 set

2. Plastic parts * 1 set

3. Electronic components,I buy it from Jotrin Electronics Limitedwhich hasa professional agent of electronic components distributor with many years of industry experience.

Arduino 2560 * 1

RAMPS1.4 * 1

A4988 driver module * 4

42 stepper motor * 5 (2 long 3 short)

The upgraded version of J-head * 1

MK3 hotbed * 1

Tact switch * 3

4cm fan * 1

Switching power supply * 1 (12V * 30A)

Several wires

4. Hardware

2GT sync wheel * 2

2GT timing belt * 2

5mm-5mm flexible coupling * 2

Linear bearing * 10

605ZZ bearing * 3

U-shaped guide wheel * 1

Feed gear * 1

Pressure spring * 5 (4 small 1 big)

Timing belt locking spring * 2

Screw * 1 set

Slide rail * 1 set

Nut & Gasket & Screw * 1 set 发送反馈 历史记录

Step 2: Y-axis Chassis Assembly

First, assemble the Y-axis timing belt guide wheel. Two 605zz bearings, one M5-25mm screw, one M5 nut, and one gasket are required.

Step 3: Install the Front Side Foot

Step 4: One Foot After Installation

Step 5: Connecting Front and Rear Side Feet

Step 6: Mounting Slide Rail

Step 7: Heating Bed Floor Installation

Step 8: Install the Y-belt-holder Onto the Acrylic Base Plate and Use the Self-locking M3 Nut

Step 9: Secure the Bottom Plate to the Y-axis Slide Rail With a Cable Tie

Step 10: X-axis Assembly

Insert LM8UU into x-end plastic parts

Step 11: Add M5 Nut to X-end

Step 12: ​Install the Slide Rail

Install the slide rail, assemble the X-axis synchronous belt guide wheel bearing, M5 screw front pad 4 M5 washers

Step 13: Install X-carriage

Step 14: Acrylic Frame Installation

Mounting frame and side panels

Step 15: Link X, Y, Z Axes

Y-axis base and acrylic frame link

Step 16: Fixed Z-axis Motor and Installed Z-axis Slide Rail, Drive Screw

Step 17: Install X, Y Axis Motor

Step 18: Install X, Y Axis Timing Belt

Step 19: Heating Bed Installation

Step 20: Apply a Thermistor to the Front of the Hot Bed and Fix the Hot Bed to the Y-axis

Step 21: Extruder Installation

Install ex-base

Step 22: Installation of Extrusion Nozzle

Step 23: ​Install the Cooling Fan

Install the cooling fan, the fan wiring, and the extruder heater wire are connected together.

Step 24: End-stop Tact Switch Installation

Fixed tact switch to end-stop

Step 25: Install End-stop to the Printer

Step 26: Line Link

Step 27: Switching Power Supply Wiring

Switching power supply wiring, yellow blue and brown are 220V ground wire, 220V firewire, zero wire. The two sets of red and black lines are the 12V output of the switching power supply.

Step 28: Fixed Control Board and Switching Power Supply to Printer

Step 29: Complete All Line Connections Against the RAMPS Wiring Diagram

Step 30: Achievement Display

Step 31: