Introduction: DIY Making USB Power Splitter

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The USB socket is one of the electrical interfaces that are used frequently every day. It is often used only for power supply. The USB HUB is used as an interface extension only when data is being transmitted. If the USB interface is not enough, USB HUB will be selected for expansion. Then, in the case that multiple USB devices that require daily use only need power supply but the interface is not enough, you can make a simple USB power splitter by yourself, then you can output multiple power supplies through one interface, of course, you must The normal use of each device can only be guaranteed when the USB power supply is sufficient. Then this article will show you how to make a USB power splitter yourself.

Step 1: Material Preparation

1.USB male

2.USB female 4

3.1 plastic case

4, LED, each one

5.Universal board (hole board)

6, wire tools, etc.

Step 2: Ready for USB Female

Prepare 4 USB female sockets, and arrange the soldering connections according to the definition of their pins. The two main pins are VCC and GND, and the other two data lines are left floating:

Step 3: Universal Board

The circuit board is directly soldered with a universal board

Step 4: LED

The red LED is used as the power indicator. At the same time, a current limiting resistor needs to be prepared

Step 5: Component Welding

Weld four SUB female sockets and one USB male socket according to the principle diagram, and solder the LEDs at the same time

Step 6: Welding Completed

Effect of welding completion

Step 7: Back

Wiring on the back of the universal board

Step 8: Slotted Plastic Box

Cut and polish the box according to the corresponding position of the USB seat of the circuit board

Step 9: Cover and Screw Preparation

Step 10: Installation

Mount the circuit board to the box

Step 11: Lock the Screws

At this point, the power-on test passes and the DIY installation is complete.

Step 12: Effect Map

Let's take a look at the finished product of the USB power splitter made this time. The effect of 1 minute and 4 is mainly composed of a USB male socket and 4 USB female sockets. The USB male socket is used as the input of the power supply, and the four USB female sockets are connected in parallel as the output to realize the function of 1 minute and 4

Step 13: Design Principle

The circuit principle of this work is very simple, mainly using the parallel output of the USB female socket. The red LED is used as the power indicator. The definitions of the four USB port pins are VCC, -D, + D, and GND.

Step 14: Notes: Where Do I Buy These Electronic Components?

In this DIY process, I used all kinds of electronic components, such as LED, resistance and so on. I bought them from veswin,I chose them because their products are the most cost-effective. Of course, it's up to you to buy them from which shop, but it's necessary to compare more shops to choose from.

Step 15:

Step 16: