Introduction: Hand-soldering Funny Villain of Scrap Circuit Board Electronic Components

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Scrap electronic circuit boards (old computers or scrap home appliances)

soldering iron, solder

tweezers, pliers, scissors

Step 1: Remove Components

First, remove some commonly used components that can be used from the circuit board.

Step 2: Arrange Them Well

Roughly arrange them yourself first, arrange them into the shape you need,

and determine the number and types of electronic components needed.

Step 3: Use a Resistor As the Body of the Villain

Use a resistor as the body of the villain. After cutting off the long pins as shown in the figure, start welding the other two resistors on it as the thighs

Step 4: Continue to Weld the Villain’s Calf

Then the thighs continue to weld the lower legs of the villain, again cutting off the excess pins before welding. Welding can be used as waste to use the waste tin on the original board, anyway, no electricity is needed, as long as it can be firmly connected.

Step 5: Villain's Arm

Solder the arm of the DIY electronic villain in the same way

Step 6: Blue LED Straw Hat Light

A blue LED straw hat light is used on the head. Does it look like a construction worker wearing a blue helmet? You can twist the villain through the joints of the limbs show a lot of funny shapes that make people angry.

Step 7: Remove Lower Limbs

We can also remove the lower limbs and let the villain use a distress posture lying on the circuit board.

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