Introduction: 3D Printing Wall-E

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In this tutorial, I will show you how to make a simple Wall-e Robot by using Arduino board, L293N chip, and 3D printer.

Step 1: Material Preparation for the Wall-e Robot

We use an arduino board to control this robot. this is a simple method to make the robot cart like wall-e. most of the parts of this robot are printed by 3d printer. we need this material to build the robot.

(1) four 1.5v battery and the battery box. power supply fo the motor.

(2) one 9v battery, supply for the Arduino board.

(3) one Arduino Mini pro board, need to be small to fit into the small box.

(4) two little yellow motors (low-speed motor)

(5) soldering device, wires, and a glue gun.

(6) two small switches. one for Arduino and one for a servo.

(7) one L293N motor control chip.

(8) one IR signal receiver.

(9) one IR remote controller.

all the structural parts are printed by 3d printer.

Step 2: 3D Model Design

the material is very simple. Please note that we only have two motors to control.

I use 3DSMAX to design this cute WALL-E robot. actually, the robot is divided into two parts. the walking box including the wheels, and the decoration part (head and arms).

Step 3: Print It Out by 3d Printer

In this step, I use 3DSMAX to arrange different parts by their color. And then I use my 3D printer to print them out by different colors.

Step 4: Glue the Parts

I use the glue gun to glue all the fixing parts of the robot, such as head and arms.

The Arduino board, 9V battery, L293N, and IR receiver are all inside the body box. The 1.5V battery is stick on the robot's back. it looks like the backpack. I use the glue gun to glue the head and the cover of the body box. the wheel cover is stick to the body also.

Step 5: Write Arduino Code

You can find the circus in the figure. After connected the Arduino, L293N, IR receiver and motors, I start to write the source into Arduino board. the source code can be download in the link below.

Step 6: Testing and Control the Running Wall-e

After assembled the robot and wrote the code into the arduino board. we can have some test for Wall-E robot. We press the button (2) (8) (4) (6) and (5), we can control wall-e to go Forwards, backward, turn left, turn right and stop. This is a simple tutorial for kids to build a Cart-Go robot. Enjoy!

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