Introduction: Arduino Heart Shape Light

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Arduino Heart Shape Light

(1) Small Project Using Arduino to control the LED Light
(2) use 4 3-color Led light, you can change all the color you like.
(3) can be re-programmed as fade in and out light or Blinking Light
(4) All parts are printed by 3D printer.
(5) Using Arduino Mini Pro. Handy Size
(6) Using 9V battery can be used of computer. it's nice gift for Valentine's Day.
(7) You Can use USB line to power this light

Step 1: 3D Model Design

(1) use 3dsmax to design the 3d structure of the light.
(2) Divide into 4 parts: Heart, base box, cover of the box, and the connection ring.
(3) All the STL file can be downloaded as below.

Step 2: 3D Printing

(1) print out 4 parts of the light.
(2) Heart Shape Part should be in transparent color.
(3) Other Parts is in White Color.

Step 3: Circuit Board and Soldering

(1) Material:

  • Arduino Mini Pro.
  • Soldering Board
  • 10kΩ Resistor for button
  • Red Button for controlling the light
  • Power Switch
  • 9V battery
  • 9V battery connector
  • 3 color LED light x 4

(2) Electricity scheme is shown as below
(3) Soldering: 9V battery power switch, Button System and Led light Panel

Step 4: Write Arduino Code

(1) connect the arduino to computer
(2) Write the code let Arduino Control the LED.
(3). Source code can be download as Below.

Step 5: Assemble

(1) Use Epoxy or glue to glue the ring connector and Top cover.
(2) Put all the circus into the base box
(3) Assemble the heart shape and cover the box, Finish.

Step 6: Testing and Enjoy the Light

(1) Testing, Turn on the power, Press the button, you can see the color of the light Change.
(2) if you don't want to Use 9V battery, You can use usb line to power up the Light.
(3) The effect of the light in night time and day time is shown as the images.

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