Introduction: 3D Printing Weapons/Accessories for Action Figures and Model Kits

In this instructable, the tools and the how-to of using a 3D printer to make a weapon for a Gundam Model Kit will be shown. This can also be used for many other things, either other types of model kits, or accessories for an action figure.

Step 1: What You Will Need

To print off a 3D weapon/accessory, you will need the following things:
- 3D printer
- Model Kit/Action Figure you intend to print a weapon.accessory for
- Paper
- Ruler
- Pencil

Step 2: Drawing It Out

Before you design your 3D model of the weapon/accessory in the 3D modeling program of choice, you must first draw it out. When drawing it out, make sure to take measurements of what will fit in the model/action figure's hand, as well as measurements of weapons/accessories to keep your newly designed item in scale.

Step 3: 3D Modeling

For this tutorial, I used Rhino to create my model. Start off by selecting "small object - inches" which will bring you to where you can create your model.

Step 4: 3D Modeling

Next, you want to set your grid size and grip snapping to something appropriate to the model you are creating. For this tutorial, I had grid lines every 1/8 inch, with major gird lines every inch. The line snapping has every 1/16 inch.

Step 5: Exporting

Once your 3D model is done, you will want to save it in the default file format first, in case you need to change the design for a second attempt at printing. Most 3D printers require the use of .stl, so only save in .stl when you want to print the model you created.

Step 6: 3D Printing

Now that you have the .stl file, you can use the software your 3D printer uses to print!

Step 7: Finished!

Now, if you choose, you can paint your newly printed 3D model, to make it look better.

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