Introduction: 3D Wall Witch

I had all these random plywood scraps taking up space in the garage and I also have this wall in front of my house. Time to get creative!


1/2" plywood

1"x2" board (for the frame)

about six inches of a 2"x4"

Screws, nuts and bolts, paint, polyurethane

Step 1: Sketch

The first step is to sketch your witch. I just messed around online till I found something I liked, then freehanded a basic onto the plywood.

Step 2: Cut, Prime, and Frame

I used a jigsaw to cut out the witch and a scroll saw for the detail on her hands. I then cut the 1"x2" to make the frame to sit over the wall. The frame is also her arms. (If you look in the second picture, there's another piece of plywood that I used for her shoulders.)

Anything that's going to go outside really needs a good coat of primer. I use Killz because it prevents mold and mildew too. Caulk or putty any holes and then lay the primer on thick.

Step 3: Paint and Put Together

Once you have your shape, sketch your witch's face until you are satisfied. Then go over it heavily so that it will show through the paint. With each coat of paint, trace back over the face so that you can see it through the next coat. When you are done painting, draw the face with a paint pen. I used a white one too to accent her hair and eyebrows. When it's all done, lay on several coats of polyurethane to protect her from the elements.

Step 4: Haunt That Wall!

The frame is simply two pieces of 1"x2" that lay across the wall, attached to two more 1x2 that are attached to the back of the hands and the front of the shoulders. The 2"x4" piece is attached to the top of the shoulders and the witch's head is attached to that. It was sort of an afterthought, but it gave it a nice 3D effect.

This project was pretty fun and simple. There are a few more days till Halloween. You still have time to make your own 3D witch!

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