Introduction: Girl's Hawkgirl Costume

A few weeks ago the little one was down and out for a couple of days. We spent the down time marathoning Justice League on Netflix and she got way into Hawkgirl. She asked if I could make her a Hawkgirl costume for Halloween and of course I was at the hobby shop within the hour. Here's how to make your own costume for your little Thanagarian!


Thin but sturdy cardboard (case beer boxes work very well)

Different colors of felt (Brown, Black, Yellow, White, Red)

Spray adhesive

Hot glue

PVC and fittings

Foam balls, (1 large and several small ones)

Plasti-dip or spray paint

Brown tights, Red briefs, Yellow shirt, Black wings, as well as velcro and elastic of varying lengths.

Step 1: The Mask: Part 1

The first step would be to go online and try to find a template for a Hawkgirl mask. There weren't many to choose from. However, there were lots of Wolverine masks. I printed one off, cut it out, and made my modifications to the pattern.

I traced the pattern onto and cut it out of cardboard, then used spray adhesive to attach felt. I then cut the felt and folded it over, sticking it together with hot glue.

Step 2: The Mask: Part 2

Once you have the front part done, cut a piece of yellow felt to serve as the top of the mask. The way I did it was to measure from the tip of the nose to the bottom of the face mask, then cut out the beak. I then bent the brown part slightly and hot-glued the yellow to the inside of the mask, making sure the tops matched well. I then cut off the excess yellow after the glue dried.

I used a piece of scrap brown for the feather details on the top of the helmet.

I then covered the inside of the mask with as much of a single piece of felt as I could and doubled up in certain areas to pad it for comfort.

(Not pictured) I then glued two pieces of Velcro to tow pieces of elastic and made a strap to hold the mask on. And as an afterthought, literally days later, I noticed something was missing. I cut out two quarter-sized discs of white felt and made Hawkgirl's earrings.

Details are important.

Step 3: The Mace

I didn't want to spend too much on this whole thing so I went to the scrap box to see what I could find. The handle of the mace is built from scraps from years of various projects. I fitted and glued until I was satisfied, then I made the ball. I cut small foam balls in half and glued them to a 4" polyfoam ball. I then coated the whole thing with spray-on rubber for a sweet finish.

Step 4: The Rest:

We bought wings off of eBay and my wife found the tights, shirt, and red briefs at Target. I made the boot toppers and belt from scraps and put them together with hot glue.

Last Saturday we went to Comicon and little Hawkgirl charmed everybody there. The costume was a hit and she had the time of her life.

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