Introduction: 3D Zelda Greeting Card

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I'm a great fan of Zelda and it's one of my favorite video games! So, I thought of making a 3D paper greeting card in the shape of Link and Princess Zelda! It has a secret drawer underneath, where you can write a wish on a paper speech bubble and hide it for someone special! So, if you are a big fan also or you have friends that love Zelda, this is a great gift for them for their birthday, wedding or anniversary! Here I can describe step by step how to make your own Link greeting card!

You'll need:

1. 2 sheets of card stock paper at least 220 gr (>110 lb) I used recycled craft card stock paper but you can use white instead.

2. 1 white A4 sheet of paper

3. Printer

4. Scissors

5. Glue

6. Hot glue gun

7. x-acto knife for paper cut

8. 1 round green wooden button

9. A very small piece of paper foam

Step 1: Print and Cut

print the two pages and cut out the template!

Step 2: Score and Fold

Score and fold all the red lines!

Step 3: Let's Make the Front Side

Now, take the 2nd piece and apply glue on the two small grey areas. When the glue dries, apply glue on the other two grey areas and place it on the 1st piece (Links silhouette)

Step 4: Let's Make the Hidden Drawer!

Now take the 3rd piece and apply glue on the four white areas to assemble the drawer. Then take the 4th piece, cut out the three triangles with the knife. Apply glue on the four grey areas and place it inside the drawer.

Step 5: Place the Speech Bubble

Now, cut out a little speech bubble on a white paper and write your wish! Then place the small piece of paper foam on the 4ht piece that is placed inside the drawer and use a little glue to place the speech bubble on it. This will make it seem like the speech bubble is on the air. Use hot glue to put the button on the front of the drawer and it's ready!!! You can find a nice square box to place it inside and wrap it as a gift! :D

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