Introduction: 3d Map

This is the fastest and super easy one-day school project.


A4 sheet and pencil (since I had an old map lying around I'm using that)
Paper tape
White craft glue (fevicol)
Paint (light green, dark green, light yellow dark yellow, white, blue)

Step 1: Thickness

To create the thickness we can either tape the backside of paper using paper tape or stick another sheet of A4 size sheet.
Using scissor Remove the extra portion of paper tape

Step 2: Roll and Tape It

Land isn't exactly plane.

so to create a mountainy effect and irregular surface, we are going to smush paper into small balls and tape it using paper tape to the land region.

Step 3: Glue and Water

take a bowl of water mix white crafting glue and apply on the model before sticking the tissues on to the surface using this tissue we can give details to the land

Step 4: Paint It

I recommend painting the model after it is dry or if your in hurry u can just paint but the color may fade a little after the map is dry

first: I used a toothbrush to spray light green.

second: used dark green to paint the land using cotton or tissue

third: used light yellow at few areas to bring the dry look

fourth: used dark yellow to get bit of mountainy effect

fifth: used white to represent snowy effect

For the ocean paint it in dark blue and and apply some of the white paint randomly to create water effect

and tad-da we have our map ready

Step 5: Signs

In case we need signs to represent gold mine or the last historic treasure found we can draw it in a piece of paper cut them and stick on the map, It gives a good impression.

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