Introduction: 3d Minion Costume - Halloween Costume

Concept: Create a full minion costume for a 7 year old, that is light weight and full. The over the shoulder straps make it easy to wear and walk for getting candy

Materials and tools used with links
2 x sheets of sytrofoam from Homedepot, I have found the latest model of jigsaws are available for much less, i look for the grip size for precision while cutting.

Cordless Jigsaw

sharpie marker

Step 1: Drawing and Proportions

Character Sketch

Sketched up a drawing of a minion to project onto cardboard (tracer projector). you can shrink the drawing and print it out for getting the right size to project

Projecting the image onto cardboard
Image projector I reused a large piece of cardboard from an IKEA standup desk box to trace the body outline of my child while laying on the ground

to get the correct proportions when projecting the drawing

Step 2: Making the Pattern Templates


as the minion is circular, figuring out the diameter, radius was simple

My personal preference is to add flare to any project that bring it to life, to create an organic shape in this case

The patterns measured out on the larger drawing of the minion

Total Height of 46 inches


The Top of the head - half Sphere - lots of sanding with 4 layers to create a smooth transition

Top = 29" Diameter. (eye location, googles)

Middle = 28" Diameter - Mouth area

Lower = 27" Diameter - Body/Clothes

Mouth = traced the mouth shape

Goggles = inside 13 - outside 18

Teeth = traced the top and lower teeth

Step 3: Cutting Foam

I used to sheet of 4" by 8" sheets to cut out all of the shapes needed, which was a challenge

I choose to cut the pieces in half circles and varied the thickness to ensure the

Total Height of 46 inches

The Top of the head - half Sphere - lots of sanding with 4 layers to create a smooth transition

Top = 29"

Lower = 27"

Mouth = traced the mouth shape - traced on the finished sanded character and traced with a sharpie

Goggles = inside 13 - outside 18 Teeth = traced the top and lower teeth

Step 4: Gluing It All Together

stack all of the foam to make sure everything fits well and trim before gluing.

I allowed 24 hours after gluing to begin sanding

My technique is to use foam glue

I used Hot Wire Foam Factory Brush-On Foam Fusion Glue

my method is to brush it on think enough to cover the foam on one side, press the two pieces of foam together and turn back and forth to ensure coverage

I pull the two parts to check for any missing areas, give them a minute to become tacky and press them back together into place

I continue to glue everything together

Step 5: Sanding and Sculpting

I start by hand with the foam sanding blocks 80 grit

I found that Lowes (light tan) pictured works the best

the red foam sanding blocks wear down faster, but still effective

Once the larger area is sanded, I begin with the power mouse sander to smooth out the shape(s)

The teeth pictured above where cut of from the pattern, sanded down, then separated with a miter saw blade, then a final sanding

Step 6: Covering Foam Before Painting

I used a mixture of paint, glue and water

1 part paint, 1 part glue, 1/2 part water

I mix this up and paint it on to cover the styrofoam completely

I let dry for 24 hours

Cut out mouth and hole for eye

The mix paint, glue and water to paint the open areas

once dry, I lightly sand to smooth and paint again

Let dry for 24 hours, then sand again

when ready, I spray paint

Step 7: Finishing Touches

making the overalls, and the Guru logo,

using the measurements I cut out foam sheet and painted them blue and attached them to the styrofoam