3d Printed Chess Pieces




Introduction: 3d Printed Chess Pieces

a king, a queen, a knight, a bishop,a rook, and a pawn

Step 1:

first make a free account at Tinkercad Https://www.tinkercad.com/about/features

then go to the classes and learn that

once you finish go to new project

and play around for a bit once your more comfortable with it

start with a cylinder at the bottom

set it 8.00 mm high

Step 2: Next Step

make a cylinder 12 by 12

then raise it to the top of the first cylinder
after that center it

Step 3:

search skull

Step 4:

pick skull

Step 5:

select the tinker and copy button

Step 6:

select skull and then hit edit copy

Step 7:

paste on other page

Step 8:

put the height to 27 and the length by with 24 by 28 rise it on to the previous model

Step 9:

change up the colors

Step 10:

select all of the shapes and group them, then hit color and select multicolor

Step 11:

but you arnt limited to this do different shapes animals, people anything explore

Step 12:

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    5 years ago

    That's a really neat design, I like the scroll work pattern on the skull :)