Introduction: 3d Printed Fireplace With Fusion 360.

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I love to look at the fire and relax near the fireplace.

This is a small fireplace - lamp simulates the light of the fire.

A drawing made in Fusion 360. The model is printed on a 3D printer ABS plastic.

Step 1: We Need

  • STL files for printing

Yellow flashing LED 4500-5800 mcd with the brightness and the angle of dispersion 30 °, simulating a candle flame)

  • AA battery 1.5V
  • step up converter
  • terminals of the battery holder
  • PCB touch switch
  • some glue

Step 2: Draw a Fireplace.

Draw a fireplace.

All parts are created in the Fusion 360. You can see in the video.

All parts are printed on a 3D printer, white, yellow and black ABS plastic.

Details of the fireplace are connected with glue.

Step 3: The Electronic Part

  • In order to simulate the flame used LED (OSY5MK5A31A OPTOSUPPLY LED flashes)
  • Turning is done through the touch switch.
  • The whole electronic part is powered by AA 1.5 batteries
  • To increase the voltage boost converter, I applied.

  • Due to this device operates from 0,8 Volts.

Sensor board requires minimal improvements as shown in the figure.

Step 4: Assembling the Parts.

The electronic part is collected in the lower compartment of the fireplace.

LED and flame inserted into a special slot. We fix glue.

We fix the sensor switch board to glue the lattice.

The battery compartment and the converter is placed in the posterior part of the fireplace.

Close the back cover.

Touching to the middle of the lattice we turn on flame.

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