Introduction: 3d Printed Ocarina

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Simple tutorial for a 3d printed working 4 hole ocarina from Legend of Zelda

Step 1: Materials

1. 3d printer

2. Spackle

3. Blue spray paint

4. String

5. Gold acrylic and small brush

6. Super glue

7. Sandpaper

Step 2: Print!

Go find an open source Ocarina file from a website like, upload, and print

Step 3: Putting the Pieces Together

With the two halves, super glue them together and keep them aligned as best as possible.

You can either sand down the whole thing for a smoother look or go with the "design" the printer left upon it.

Use spackle to fill the seems in-between the two halves and sand.

Step 4: Paint!

Slide the string through two of the holes in the ocarina and hang it so you can spray paint every side without bad lines appearing.

Take the gold acrylic and paint on the triforce logo and let dry!

Step 5: DONE!

Now you just need to learn how to play the damn thing.

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