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In this Instructable I will show you how to make a fairly inexpensive, Star Lord costume!

Step 1: Materials

1. Foam sheet - $12 - Amazing savings

2. Red hippie circle Glasses - $2 - Party City

3. 2 different sizes PVC piping, 1 big and a smaller one that fits inside - $3 - Home Depot

4. Silver, Gold, and Brown Spray Paint - $10 - Home Depot

5. Blue, orange, and silver acrylic Paint - $4 - A.C Moore

6. Red leather vest - $2 - Goodwill

7. Silver fabric - $3 - Jo-Anns

8. Silver square peg rhinestone things - $5 -Jo-Anns (make sure they are pegs, not stickers, so you can stab through the leather)

9. Key rings -$2?- Already had (Home Depot probably)

10. ANY square Walkman - ???? - Already had

11. Black Flex tubing that fits inside smaller pvc pipe- $4 - Home Depot

12. Star Lord Nerf Gun - $13 - Amazon

13. Airport Headphones - $1 - Already had, but um. Airport

14. Utility knife - $2 - Already had, Home depot

15. Scissors - $1 - Already had, Dollar Store

16. Paint Brushes - $2 - Already had, Home Depot

17. Blue long sleeve shirt - $5 - Target

18. Black Pants - $5 - Target

19. Water bottle holder with straps -?? - Already had

20. Pirate boot covers- $2 - party city

21. Craft foam sheets - $1 - Dollar Store

22. Hot glue - $3 - Already had, Dollar store (WHY ISNT EVERYTHING $1 THERE), or $5 home depot.

23. Gold zipper - $3 - Jo anns

24. Perseverance to remember and write all of this after months? Priceless.

Total (assuming you have none of the basics): $121 - REMEMBER THOUGH USE COUPONS AT CRAFT STORES. For my costume in total I actually paid $60. See, shop smart for costumes.

Step 2: The Helmet

Go onto and find a star lord foam pepeakura file. Print it.

Simple as googling star lord foam pepakura.

Step 3: Cut Out, Trace, Cut Out

Cut out the multi page template, then trace the NON face mask pieces onto the big foam sheet with a sharpie. With the pieces that compose the face mask, trace onto craft foam sheets.

Cut out all the pieces on the big foam sheet with the utility knife, then cut the craft foam pieces out with a scissors.

Step 4: Spray Paint

Spray paint all the pieces appropriately with the silver spray paint. I personally did a layer of black, then silver, then a very light black coat to make the silver a bit darker. Straight up gold for the gold pieces. Now is a good time to also spray paint all of the tubing/piping.

Step 5: Glue

Using the Pepakura file, follow the instructions and glue everything together. I start with the face mask just because it lets me feel like I have accomplished something sooner and get an idea of the final product.

Step 6: Add the Eyes

Before gluing down the two eye pieces, pop the red lenses out of the hippie glasses and hot glue them onto the foam. Now attach the eyes onto the mask. Poke holes where the eyes are on the piece underneath, then take your scissors and cut out the holes to the correct size. It may sound weird, but you will see there are no actual eye holes in the foam.

Step 7: Add Pipping

Place the big PVC piping inside the two big hole things near the chin, and add the smaller piece inside of it, as seen above. Next slide the flex tubing inside the smaller pipe and glue the other side to the back of the helmet in the appropriate place. Glue everything secure.

Step 8: Helmet Is Done! Now the Vest

Take the vest and first hot glue on the zipper to both sides. It doesn't have to line up, but if you want it to actually zip, then yes, yes it does.

Step 9: Add Design

Next, take the square rhinestone things, and add the design on the left side of the vest as seen by the reference picture earlier in the inscrutable. Note: this step is time consuming, and makes your thumbs hurt, a lot.

Take your scissor and cut little belt loops on each side of the vest for the silver fabric. Weave the silver fabric through the belt loops and glue into place at both ends. Cut a small piece of the fabric and create two little loops for the right side of the vest.

Cut two small holes on the right side and slide a big and a small key ring through to crete that air valve looking thing on the right side of the vest.

Step 10: The Gun

Take your Nerf gun and cover the gold part on the inside of the blaster with tape, very well. Now spray paint it! I did a coat of black, then silver, then light black again, like I did with the helmet.

Step 11: Take Off Tape, Add Silver Paint

Once you like the look of your gun, take off the tape, and do the finishing touches. Using the silver acrylic make the design on the gun.

Step 12: Walkman Time!

Optional: Now here is where it gets tricky. I wanted to play the soundtrack, but my walkman did not work. What I did was open the stupid thing up, and gutted it. I gutted it way more than I should have in hopes of fitting my phone inside, but there were a few pieces that wouldn't come out. SO plan b. I put a hole on one side of the walkman and strung the headphone cable through the headphone jack, through the Walkman, out and into my pocket, where it would connect to my iPhone playing the soundtrack on spotify. Adds a great touch to the costume.

Take the walkman and cover the plastic screen in tape. Using blue acrylic paint the main part of it blue, and then the top/side part where the buttons are silver. Take the orange acrylic and paint the play button.

Step 13: Headphones and Casette Tape

Take the orange acrylic and paint the headphones orange. Note: these will be uncomfortable unless you can just find some orange headphone pads.

Find a casette tape, print out the the "awesome mix vol 1" logo and glue into onto the cassette tape and pop that sucker into the cassette player.

Step 14: Boots

Cut an excess pirate stuff of the boot covers, and pray paint them brown. What I did was slide a broom handle through the string parts of the broom and hang them from a ladder so I could spray paint them all in one go without weird lines showing.

Step 15: Finishing This Thing Up

For the gun holster, which is 100% optional, I spray painted a water bottle holster black, pretty sure it was a gap water bottle holder? I Just looped the strings through my belt and around my leg and tied it all up.

Now put on your blue shirt, black pants, red vest, walkman, boot covers, helmet, and oh, don't forget to gel your hair up.

Step 16: Congrats! You Are Lord of the Stars!

Heres a celebratory picture of me and Freddy Wong!

Hope you had fun making this costume!

Also note: it was raining that day, so hair and costume are wet.

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