Introduction: 3d Printed Smaz Time Machine (2x2x2 Mod)


i am making a copy of the smaz time machine since the 2x2x2 smaz is nearly impossible to obtain.

the cube features a 2x2x2 cube as core with 3d printed parts on top that can be glued on it.

the recommanded specs:

a cube of at least 5x5x5CM (2 inches)

smaller does not work.

the cube i used is a marvel style rubiks cube (all rights co to the original copyright holder for the images on the cube)

Step 1: Print the Parts

use the file that i posted here:


Print specifications:

layer top/bottem: 0.4mm (0.8 works but 0.4 is better)

infill 100%

shell thickness 0.4mm (0.8 works but 0.4 is better)

layer height: 0.1mm

everything needs to be set at highest resolution/ these settings, since any other can jam or malfunction.

For slicing the .STL i used CURA

you need to print:

rbx dp core 4 times

rbx dp circ 12 times


The files are currently at working version 1.0

In case it does not work for you please comment your printer and used settings.

Step 2: Assemble the Cube

after you printed everything. slide the correct colour in the correct corner piece.

you now have 4 pieces of each color including the dialpad parts:96 in total.

for connecting it to the cube:

just glue the parts on top or use double sided tape.(use wich works the best for you.)

In case you experience problems a bit of sanding the edges helps since there can be minor leftover print drops that can jam the parts

Step 3: Your Smaz Is Now Complete

if you want you can number the parts, since it does not come with pre-numbered parts (due printer limitations)

just use a small marker and write the number on the correct dialpad piece.

warning the cube is not usable for "speed cubing" since the parts are sometimes jamming, if you try to speedcube the pieces can come loose or break of.

i did not have all colours needed at the moment so my cube is still unfinished. but it is a working model.

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