Introduction: Dalgona Coffee {no Instant Coffee}

Dalgona Coffee is known as a whipped coffee using mostly instant coffee water and sugar.

Since i Personally HATE, instant coffee more than anything i found out you can also make it using Ristretto.

Things needed:

Ristretto {30ML} As strong as you can make it.

15-30 grams of Sugar.

Step 1: Make Your Ristretto

Ristretto is known as a more concentrated version of espresso,

If you have a fully automatic Coffee maker, there should be a feature for ristretto on it.

Please use this feature and select the settings to make it as strong as possible.

The stronger the better it foams.

If you have a semi automatic espresso maker, try making a super Concentrated espresso,

For this you do need to do some testing to see what ratio's work the best for you.

Step 2: Foam the Coffee

To foam the Coffee you can use a hand whisk, but i would Reccomend using a electric whisk since it takes much longer to whisk the mixture

All you need to do is add the Ristretto and ad 15 grams sugar to the Mixing bowl/vessel then keep mixing till the mixture foams up.

if the Mixture is not foaming up or the foam is not the right viscosity add more sugar while whisking.

you should need at most 30 grams suger or a 1:1 ratio.

Step 3: Prepare the Milk However You Like

Depending on how you like your milk* you can do various things.

A few examples are:

Frothed warm and Frothed cold milk.

normal milk with ice cubes.

Warm milk.

The possibilities are endless.

*for this guide i used Cold milk without ice.

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