Introduction: TRI DEMENSIONAL CHESS, Super Pocket Edtion


everybody knows the famous Tri demensional chess from startrek,

the only downside is that the board is enormous and you cannot play it on the go.

that is why i created a super pocket edition for all those who want to play it on the go.

Step 1: Print All the Pieces

print all the pieces provided here.

for some you have to print multiple at once

i would suggest to print everything except the pieces

at 0.1 layer height and <0.4mm shell thickness.

for the pieces

you have to use the lowest possible settings on your printer/slicer program

for me this was:

layers 0.01

shell 0.4

ùse a large brim around the pieces to prevent them from being dragged all over the print board

(i would suggest printing the rooks separately due the dragging of the nozzle can ruin it)

if you have a dual nozzle printer you can print the 2 colors in the right order.

if you have a single nozzle printer print everything in white

then use a marker to paint the dark spots.

Step 2: Asemble the Chess Game

you need 3 fan mount screws from a pc to screw the playing fields to the base.

screw everything together.

now you are done

"banana is for scale" (and i am not kidding, those banana's are small ones)

Step 3: Happy Playing

have fun playing this awesome game on the go.

"there are mini tweezers included with the files, but you might want to consider using larger ones since the pieces are super small"

the chess set can still become smaller, the limit is 50% the size of my version.

so you can also scale it down even further.

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