Introduction: 3x1 Ball Light

This is a very fun ball can be adjusted to be a table lamp...floor lamp and also a pendant lamp! Hence the 3x1 title ;-)
It's pretty easy and fun too!. You can personalize the balls to suit your mood or your theme ;-)

Step 1: What You Need

You need balls of various least 2 sizes .
Ideally I think I would have loved the Christmas decorating know the shiny hard balls??
But as it was April...and not December...those balls were not in sight in any of the shops I went .
I made do...I got styrofoam balls and hard plastic balls.
You also would need a tube
basic bulb holder and wire and plug.
soldering iron / hole saw ( just to make holes :-))))
fabric and cord
jute cord.
hot glue gun.

Step 2: The Shade

I know...there are so many instructables on how to do this.. :-) but hey!...I thought this would ideally suit my lamp because of it's shape.
I went about it in a very lets say...quick and easy ..and less messy I did something similar in a previous instructable and I learned a few lessons :-)
first...i selected my has to be a hard ball which the air can be let out. then I wrapped it up in a bag with the opening being the same place where i tied my bag.
Then draw a circle around the tied area the side of the bulb.
apply oil liberally on the bag!
Now take your cord and wrap it up but don't go into the drawn circle area.
Mix white glue and water and pour into a spray bottle.
Now spray your ball all around...till it's like soaked! this outside!!!!
now let it dry and after it dries ....I applied a coat of teak varnish....I live in a place where things can get I need to wash my shade and not worry the glue will come off.. ( you may of course skip this step if you like :-)   )
As soon as I applied the varnish...I deflated the ball and pulled out the ball.
Hang it on a nail and let it dry..  :-)
Now tell me that's not the easiest method to do this shade :-)

Now there is many ways to do this other step...but I want to see if I can do everything with stuff I had around.
To fix the shade on to the stand... you need something
so I was offered when I asked my niece a lid off her cup and saucer set.
I cut off the diameter of the tube in the center.
Later I fixed elastic to hold the shade onto the plate.
please check picture for clarification...I know...if I had to depend only on my explanations...I'll go ...WHAAAAT??? :-P

Step 3: The Stand

I had a lollipop I thought to use could either use a ball cut in half for the base and poke the tube in the center....and secure it with a fitting into a circular base....our just secure the pipe into a circular base :-)
I wrapped up my base with jute thread.
then cut a notch at the bottom for the wire.
fix the tube and go ahead and make your balls to drop in :-)

Step 4: The Balls

Hmmm,...well if you are lucky and got the Christmas balls...well...cut the holes and spray paint it to your favorite color..unless you got the balls in the colors you want...
If you are not that lucky...then follow on.
I used a soldering iron to burn holes in my Styrofoam balls and plastic balls.
Then I wrapped the balls with may follow the tutorial in this instructable if you like
I applied glue to the center and wrapped it up...then add hot glue to the rim of the hole and crush the fabric close..again add hot glue to the inside of the rim and push the fabric in and stick it....use a stick....else you would burn your finger tip...and it will be very painful...I'm talking from experience :-P

As you can see...the Large ball doesn't look good...I decided to sort that problem by wrapping cord around it like the shade.
Make many balls to the colors you like and according to the height you want...for a stand lamp obviously you would want more balls :-)
For a pendant...well if you are going to use 3...various lengths would look nice.

Step 5: Stack Up

Now stack up your ball and assemble....the bulb fixture...fix the shade and light up and enjoy you lamp :-)
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