Introduction: 3x3x3 LED Cube

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This is my first 3x3x3 LED Cube project.
This project was based on the design of our colleague GZIP: "LED Cube and Arduino Lib".
Visit  the link below; there you will find all the constructions steps of the Cube and even the Arduino library with example code.

In my project  I have two types of program with different effects for LED's Cube.

The first sketch will activate the serial communication and prints the name of the effect that is being executed.
The second sketch have more efects and use another encoding. This code was based on the design of our colleague "Stringstretcher" and can be found in the link below.

You will find the sketches to arduino on the link below.

A library for Arduino can be downloaded from the link:

You will find all files at GitHub:

I hope you enjoy it. Any doubts or suggestions, please contact-me or make a comment in my instructables.

Thank you.

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