Introduction: 4 Different Ways to Curl Your Hair

Hey everyone,

So for this instructable I'll be showing to four different ways to curl your hair using four different hot tools.

They of course all curl your hair the great thing about using different tools is you can customize the type of curl you make based on the tool.

So let's get started....

Step 1: What You Need

1. Wand
2. Curling iron
3. Marcel iron
4. Smoothing iron
5. 4 clips for each of the 4 sections
6. 1 comb to section out the hair
7. 1 brush

Step 2: Wand

The wand is a great tool one of my favs right after my smoothing iron. The great thing about the wand is you can creat super tight curls or you go for the loose mermaid locks. You can even brush out the curls to leave you with amazing beach hair.

Wands can get very warm so if your prone to burning yourself to might want to get a heat resistant styling glove.

You can wrap your curls in either direction I like to do both forward and backward to create dimension in your curls. Wands heat up very quickly so if you would like tight curls depending on how thick your hair is hold for about 40-60 seconds. The finer the hair is, or the looser the curl desired just hold for less time about 20-30 seconds.

Step 3: Curling Iron

The curling iron is very simple to use. You just clamp the end and roll up.

The great thing about using a curling iron is it simple and fast.

The only draw back would be is the size of the curl. For the type I am using I will get smaller curls. If a larger curl were to be desired a larger curling iron would need to be used.

Step 4: Marcel Iron

The Marcel iron is another great option if you like the curling iron.

The plus with this iron is that you start at the root a curl outward to the end so you aren't damaging the ends of your hair as you do when using a curling iron.
Although the same principle applies with the Marcel, if you desire a larger curl you do need a larger Marcel iron

Step 5: Smoothing Iron

Using a smoothing iron to curl my hair is by far one of my favorite things.

One thing to note is you can't use just any smoothing iron, it has to have a rounded barrel. If you do use a non rounded barrel your likely to run into get kinks and dents in your curls.

You'll want to take your section and depending on if you want the curl to start from the root or farther off the base of the head. Is where you will begin. I decided to do just the ends so I clamp the smoothing iron mid way through the hair and slightly turn my wrist and slide the smoothing iron through. No wrapping or hold just one swift motion.

So have fun and decide what's best for you!